Driven by the needs in our communities during Lockdown, St Philips, Gordon’s Bay, started an outreach ministry during April 2020 called NOMSA (Networking Organizations for Mission and Social Action) group, with the women’s guild leading it.

A workable plan was drawn up for St Phillips dividing the parish into pastoral care groups. It is important to note for the record that the outreach to the community in
whatever form, must be in line with St Phillips pastoral care practices.

These groups were important as we reached out to the faith community not only in prayer support, but also in terms of reaching out to the elderly, bedridden and needy. The need is great and since we must abide by the decreed social distance and stay
at home regulations, this involved developing workable guidelines.

In addition, whatever form the outreach adopted, it was decided it cannot be a piecemeal solution that would terminate all of a sudden end because the 'lockdown' has ended. - the identified needs would determine the next stage of outreach. To cater for the envisaged needs, a dedicated NOMSA fund was established that is monitored and reconciled on a monthly basis, with appropriate checks and balances.